About Tai-Shin Do � Titles

Terms commonly used in Karate translated into English

KANCHO:, KAN=public building, CHO=long, length, excel in, leader. Means the owner of a school building or hall.
HANSHI:,Model Instructor. HAN = model, wise: SHI = scholar, gentleman, soldier.
KYOSHI:,Master Instructor. KYO = teach : SHI = scholar, gentleman, soldier.
RENSHI:,Training Instructor. REN = train: SHI = scholar, gentleman, soldier.
SHIHAN:, means a teacher of teachers, a professor. Shi = teacher, master, specialist. Han = model, wise. Commonly translated as MASTER.
KOSHI:. Senior Instructor, a lecturer. Ko = explain, discuss, talk : Shi = scholar, gentleman, warrior. There are 3 levels of Koshi within Tai-Shin Do, namely Koshi, Senior Koshi and Chief Koshi.
SEMPAI (SENPAI): means an individual senior by way of rank or status. SEN = first, former : PAI = generation, class.
SENSEI: means one who was born before, i.e. someone with more experience. SEN= first, former, previous SEI= life, living, lifetime, birth.